Culinary delights

The Winterstellgut cooks and marinates, smokes and cures, braises and roasts just the way people in the Lammer Valley have always cooked and marinated, smoked and cured, braised and roasted.

Which is why all of the dishes prepared by Erwin Werlberger and his team in the Winterstellgut kitchen are made almost exclusively using locally sourced ingredients – some from the back yard, across the way in the forest or plucked and picked from the neighbouring farm.

Steinpilze+Eierschwammerl_1204Our chefs use only seasonal products, so the Winterstellgut’s dishes are based only on whatever is available at the time. And they support local farmers and hunters by using not just the finest cuts of beef, pork and venison, but respectfully using every part of the animal to create exceptional specialities.


Rooms at the Winterstellgut

Detail_132There are many good reasons to extend your stay to a few days at the Winterstellgut.

Five of which are charmingly compelling: the three suites and two double rooms, allowing up to ten guests to take delight in delaying their journey home.

Each room has been crafted and furnished by local artisans and reflects the Winterstellgut’s philosophy of combining traditional beauty with all the mod cons.

The rooms and suites at the Winterstellgut can be booked for one or more nights, but from Wednesday to Sunday only.

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Perfect for celebrations and gatherings

The Winterstellgut is the ideal venue for celebrating special occasions in style.

On the secluded sun terrace above the Lammer Valley, there is ample space between the natural pond and the dance floor, the pasture and the edge of the forest for a grand celebration. And groups of any size can enjoy privacy in the cosy atmospheres of the traditional parlours.

The Winterstellgut’s interpretation of “festive setting” is especially broad: the Gosaukamm, Bischofsmütze and Tennengebirge mountains provide an unforgettable backdrop to any wedding , christening, first communion or birthday celebration.


Country life

The Winterstellgut is a world away from the everyday.

Your pulse will slow right down. Any thoughts of Monday’s meeting will be forgotten. It’s the kind of indulgence that should be experienced more often. Heading out into the great outdoors, clearing your mind, refuelling on clean, fresh air.


You don’t have to go as far as the Winterstellgut, of course. But breakfast, lunch or dinner at the foot of the Bischofsmütze mountain, between the edge of the forest and the natural pond, at an elevation of a thousand metres and far away from the stresses and strains of everyday life is a good start. And will only make you keen to explore and see more of the spectacular Tennengau region.
Das Winterstellgut